Social Service Guidance

Access to Social Services: Primarily funded through the State of Connecticut and the Town of Wallingford, SCOW assists residents to access many of the social services available in the area.  Connecting clients with the appropriate providers, we guide people to complete applications, male appointments, and find professionals to help with any type of difficulty faced by so many, especially in the immigrant community.  We are tasked to provide this service because of the special language, cultural and sometimes educational challenges in the Latino community.

  • Translation/interpretation: Many clients arrive here with little ability to speak English.  While they are acquiring that skill, SCOW staff translates documents and interprets instructions from social service providers.  It is important to note, however, that we also provide such services to many Town of Wallingford departments in order for their employees to communicate with the Hispanic community as they interact to carry out vital functions such as education, police, fire and health services.
  • Transportation: Because public transportation is limited, we transport those without a means of travel to appointments with doctors, lawyers, schools and immigration offices, often providing language interpretation as well.  A van provided by the Rotary Club of Wallingford is our means of performing this service.
  • Services to the Entire Wallingford Community: As our agency has grown, we have been asked to expand services to everyone in town.  We presently house both the federal Energy Assistance and Women Infants and Children (WIC) programs.
  • Emergency Asistance: Thanks to a grant given by the Tariq Foundation, SCOW can provide direct emergency assistance to families facing extreme hardship.