Every program we offer is designed and implemented to build the confidence, enhance the skills and improve the lives of Latinos, the latest and fastest growing immigrant group that has come to pursue America’s promise of opportunity and freedom.

To that end, our program offerings can be essentially described in three words: Guidance, Education and Sharing.

  • Our social service referrals guide people to find the services offered to everyone in the Wallingford community.
  • Our educational programs help children take full advantage of their educational opportunities and help adults gain the confidence to fully participate in U.S. society.
  • Our music and dance programs enable all Latinos to share the rich and varied cultures of their native countries that all immigrant groups have added to the mosaic of American culture.  And, conversely, the programs help the children of the Hispanic community to retain that cultural heritage their parents brought with them.

SCOW is a busy place, as it should be. As it follows, we will describe some of the programs that make our agency a magnet for individuals and families that are intent on enriching and improving their new lives in their new home.

We want to show you what we do, so please click on these links:

  • Social Service Guidance
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Cultural Sharing and Retention

Gracias! for your interest in Comunidad Hispana de Wallingford.  We welcome you to be part of our adventure.

Education for Everyone

It is a given that to truly succeed in a technologically advanced society such as ours, a good, complete education is a must.  In recent years, SCOW’s emphasis has moved from social service referral to education programming as we seek to empower Latinos through this more proactive approach to better their chances at achieving the life they came here to pursue.